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woodway treadmill Fitness Equipment

woodway treadmill Fitness Equipment
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Commercial Motorized Treadmill
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woodway treadmills / woodway running machine


Woodway Treadmills / woodway treadmills made in china.

Woodway treadmills are unusually designed. Unlike most treadmills with belts and deck, this brand doesn’t use any.

Instead, they combined the two that resulted in a tank track like running surface. The reasoning behind this is to lessen friction, which is normally associated with conventional conveyor belts, and to maintain the natural biomechanics of running or walking.

Are They For You?

If you want a home treadmill that would last for the longest time possible, then look no further. This brand can very well provide you with the last treadmill you’ll ever have to buy.

However, the price of having a lifelong treadmill doesn’t come cheap. If you can’t afford to spend around $7,000 for an extraordinary machine, then I don’t suggest you continue with this review. You’ll be better off looking for a quality treadmill (that is within your budget) in our best buy treadmills page.

The Company behind the Brand

Woodway was founded in 1975 at Weil am Rhein, Germany. The name "Woodway" is derived from the German "Waldweg" or "way of the woods". Its history started when Willi Schoenberger envisioned a different kind of running surface…a surface that would better meet the needs of people.

Woodway USA was formally developed in 1990. A few years later, this USA division became the primary manufacturer of the company’s machines worldwide.

As of the moment, Woodway is considered as the biggest manufacturer of specialized treadmills (but we’ll only review their home treadmills here) in the world… having design and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Japan and the United States.

Price Range

As mentioned above, these treadmills are very expensive. Actually, this brand’s models are some of the most expensive home treadmills in the market today. Their cheapest and most basic unit costs nearly $7,000 and their most expensive is just under $10,000.


For treadmills that cost $7,000 and above, you’d expect perfection. However, that is not the case with this brand. Its fit and finish quality is simply terrible. Woodway really needs to do something about this if they really want to be well known. But all in all, this brand is still well worth it especially over the long run.