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Commercial Treadmill

Commercial Treadmill
Commercial TreadmillCommercial TreadmillCommercial TreadmillCommercial Treadmill
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Commercial Treadmill
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Commercial Motorized Treadmill with 19"TV+DVD+USB Peak Horsepower:8.0HP Continuous Horsepower:5.0HP Maxi.user weight:200KG


Commercial Motorized Treadmill with 19" TV + DVD+USB

Fan cooled motor, Motor drive control
AC / 220V---240V / 50Hz,  110V / 60Hz
Peak Horsepower:    8.0 HP
Continuous Horsepower:   5.0 HP
Maxi.user weight:   200KG
Speed range: 1-25km/hr
Power Incline:  0-25 %
Running Belt size:   1350(L) x 620(W) x 3.3(thickness) mm
Dimensions:  2400( L) x 990(W) x 1500mm(H)
Emergency On/Off key:  YES
Water /drink bottle holder:  YES
Direct speed and Incline selectors:  YES (3,4,6,8,10,12,16..)

Running Belt: 
Shock absorbing  walking/running tread belt/deck system for
the softest, safest suspension to protect back, knees, hips, and joints
Deck system tech utilizes the same space age composite used in Formula 1 race cars
provides three levels of shock absorption.  Front of deck has maximum suspension to reduce
impact when landing, center of deck offers moderate suspension and near of deck is firm for pushing off
Heart rate monitoring tech; 
Comfort touch handgrip heart rate for maximum cardiovascular and fat burning benefits,
You can monitor your heart rate and adjust the speed or incline up and down to keep you in your max cardio.
Extra large commercial LED display and dot matrix, console feedback includes :
speed, distance, fat calories burned, time, elevation, and pulse
Dual front handrails with built in comfort touch handgrip
heart rate for max fat burning and cardio benefits and side handrails for max safety
Approval: CE / UL
Warranty:    6 years for motor, 10 years fo the frame, 3 years for the electronics and parts.
Loading Q'ty:    12 units / 20ft container;     24units / 40ft container.

How to buy quality treadmills?

Treadmill technology is always changing, but if you are in the market for a treadmill you might want to consider a few basic things:

-Make sure the running deck is long enough and wide enough for you to take a natural stride.

-If buying a motorized treadmill look for motors that are guaranteed for more thank three years.

-Check the minimum and maximum speeds the treadmill can support. Some treadmills are built for fast walking, not jogging. If you want to jog or run faster than 5mph (8kph), you'll likely need to pay a little more and get a more powerful unit with a maximum speed of 8-12mph (13-19kph).

-Check the minimum and maximum incline, and how the incline mechanism adjusts. Advanced treadmills come with chest-wrap heart monitors that adjust incline automatically to keep your heart rate in the desired range. Other treadmills have a digital button on the console than can be manually pushed to reduce or increase incline. The least expensive models will require the incline to be manually set before exercise begins, and exercise must stop to re-set it, usually via manual cranks or lifts. The maximum rate of incline should be at least 15%. Gym-quality treadmills often have inclines to 25%.

-For motorized treadmills console features should include preprogrammed and programmable routines. Readouts might include the number of calories being burned and heart rate. Advanced units will offer many more features.